Saturday, 2 May 2015

Makeup Favorites week 18

My 3 weekly favorites this week has been:
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara - black
Elf Studio Blush -  light
Loreal Paris Color Riche - Collective Exclusive Lipstick by J'Lo

If we start to talk about the Maybelline lash sensational mascara. Do I have to mention the packaging? It's wonderful!
The formula of the mascara is just the way I like it, it's not too liquid and it's not too dry. It doesn't dry out that quick either witch is great (I have had mine like a month now and it's still going strong)!
The application can be something to get used to if you never used one of these slightly curved wands before. Other than that it catches every single lash and makes a great job at both lengthening and volumize the lashes. You get this winged out effect like you get with the Loreal Wing mascara, but with extra volume. 
Overall it gives that little something something to the lashes and I really like that. 

Elf studio blush.
This quad comes with 3 different blush colours and 1 bronzer. The blush colours are from the top left: a coral pink, deeper pink and a light pink blush. The bronzer has a lot of warmth to it and it's not suitable for contouring. It can be used as bronzing up the face but to me it's almost to warm/orange for that too. Except of that colour it's a perfect palette.
Texture wise they're almost silky smooth and they do have a lot of pigment to them.
To me this palette is perfect for spring/summer because of the pink blush colours in it. They are fresh, colourful and gives your cheek that summer flirtatiousness to it.
And the palette only cost $6 on the website. How affordable isn't that?
And at last the lipstick.
It's from the collective exclusive collection that came out in stores December 2014 (in Sweden).
I only bought one shade and that is J'Los Pure Red.
It has (to me) a strong perfume scent that is kind of comforting and I get all warm inside every time I use it.
To the formula then. The consistence is creamy...oh so creamy.. Because of the creamy formula it's easy to apply and it doesn't dry your lips out after a couple of hours.
Some creamy lipsticks can be a little adventuress and wants to travel but not this one, it stays strong!
The lipstick is matte and the red shade is to me one of those perfect reds that suits every skin tone out there. 
It's truly a safe buy.

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