Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Inspirational collage - Balcony

I thought that I would share the inspirational collage I did for the balcony a while ago. 
The only item that I actually ended up buying is the stool. We bought 4 of them and placed 3 in the corner as a mini lounge sofa, the last one as an table. I'm still thinking of buying the yellow paradise pillow as an accent colour for the other blue ones we have today.
If I had room for the rest of the items I would buy them all today. ^^
1. Flower stand, Åhlens 2. Table, Åhlens 3. Lantern, Åhlens 4. Candle lantern, Åhlens 5. Artificial rattan stool, Bauhaus 6. Pillow, H&M 7. Pillow, H&M

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