Friday, 8 July 2016

Swedish Apple Sponge Cake

2 eggs
2dl sugar
50g butter
3dl flour
2tsk baking powder
1dl water
Apple slices with some sugar & cinnamon

Start off with whisking the sugar & eggs together. 
Melt the butter & mix the flour with the baking powder. 
Add butter, water & the dry ingredients to the batter, stir it gently together.
Pour the batter into a baking pan & stick in the apple slices.
Bake off in 175 Celsius degrees about 35-45 minutes. The cake is normally ready when it's golden brown on top.

I prefer to eat the cake while it's hot with a little bit of custard or créme anglaise. 
Yummie, let me know if you try this out.

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